Add an Alert to a KPI

You can set up email alerts to get notified when a KPI value on the KPI dashboard reaches a particular threshold. The threshold is checked with each data load.

You cannot add alerts to insights.

To add alerts to KPIs:

  1. Switch to the KPIs section.

  2. Select your KPI dashboard from the list of KPI dashboards.

  3. Hover your mouse over the KPI to which you want to add an alert. 

  4. Configure the alert parameters and click Set alert.  


GoodData will send an email when the threshold is met.


Changing the alert sender

The KPI dashboard sends you an email whenever it loads and the KPI reaches the alert parameter value. The email is sent from GoodData Alert (

White-labeled domain administrators can specify the sender to be domain specific. For details, see Customize the White-Labeled Domain.

Keep your KPI alerts relevant

To get only the relevant information and not to miss any important events, update the KPI alerts to meet your new requirements.

You may want to update the alert after the alert threshold has been reached. If the KPI value is cumulative, the alert threshold will only occur once. After it does, update the alert and set the threshold to a different number.

Example 1

You receive an alert when the sales amount goes above 1000. If you want to be notified again when the sales amount goes above 1500, update the KPI alert and set the threshold to 1500.

Example 2

You have daily data loads for the number of orders with an alert for 1000. You receive the alert only when the number crosses the threshold, that is changes from a number less than 1000 to a number more than 1000. See the following table:

Data loadValueAlert triggered?
Day 1856No
Day 21159Yes
Day 31062No
Day 4922No

Day 5