Schedule Issues

If an ETL schedule fails 5 consecutive times, a notification email is sent. Unless the underlying issues are corrected, the process is automatically disabled after 30 failed executions in a row. Resolve the issues and re-enable it manually. For more information, see Configure Automatic Retry of a Failed Data Loading Process.

Check the following to resolve the root cause:

  • Your credentials are valid.
  • Your connections are set up properly.
  • The changes you have made since the last successful execution did not break the graph supplying data.
  • All data sources are accessible.
  • All GD Writer components in your graphs have been properly configured with the appropriate property settings.
  • (For Automated Data Distribution (ADD) processes) Each dataset in a workspace has the corresponding database object in the output stage (see Use the SQL Diff).

Check the last text log in the schedule to assist in identifying issues. Failing schedules should remain disabled (see Data Integration Console Overview Screen) until the issues are addressed.