Legacy Salesforce SSO Method

The legacy GoodData-proprietary Salesforce SSO method that is based on SessionID is no longer supported.

Why we no longer support this feature

The legacy Salesforce SSO method is not considered sufficiently secure.

Are you affected?

You are affected if you use the legacy Salesforce SSO method to log in to the GoodData platform.

You may be affected if you have GoodData dashboards or reports embedded in your Salesforce project or solution.

Action required

Check whether you are using the legacy Salesforce SSO method. You are if all the following statements are true:

  • You log in to the GoodData platform from Salesforce with SSO.
  • You use a Salesforce authentication provider.
  • You use embedded GoodData analytics in Salesforce.

If you are using the legacy Salesforce SSO method, migrate to Salesforce SAML SSO:

  1. Create a new SAML identity provider in Salesforce (see Configure Identity Provider with Salesforce).
  2. Send the identity provider metadata to GoodData Support. GoodData Support adds your identity provider to the GoodData platform and sends you information about the new authentication provider.
  3. For your users, replace the Salesforce authentication provider with the one that you received from GoodData Support.
  4. Update the links to all embedded GoodData dashboards or reports in your Salesforce project or solution as described in Embed a Dashboard into Salesforce.

What happens if you have not migrated to Salesforce SAML SSO

You cannot log in to the GoodData platform via SSO. The embedded GoodData dashboards and reports are unavailable.

Need help?

If you have questions, contact GoodData Support.