Deprecated IP Addresses

The following IP addresses are no longer in use:

IP addressDatacenter where your data is stored
US-1 - United States, Chicago, IL
US-2 - United States, Dallas, TX
EU-1 - United Kingdom, London

What these IP addresses were used for

These IP addresses were used for passing traffic when extracting data from your local database and uploading it to your GoodData project. To be able to connect to resources behind your firewall systems, these IP addresses had to be whitelisted. For more information, see GoodData IP Addresses and IP Whitelisting.

Why we no longer use these IP addresses

We introduced a new, wider range of IP addresses to increase the throughput of the data loading infrastructure of the GoodData platform. We switched to those IP addresses on May 16, 2020.

Are you affected?

You are affected if your solution uses the following IP addresses for loading data to GoodData projects:

IP addressDatacenter where your data is stored - United States, Chicago, IL - United States, Dallas, TX - United Kingdom, London

Action required

Depending on the datacenter that holds your data (see GoodData Datacenters), add the corresponding IP address range (or a list of IP addresses) to the whitelist allowed on the level of your data source.

For the list of current IP addresses, see GoodData IP Addresses and IP Whitelisting. You can (but do not have to) delete the deprecated IP addresses from your whitelist.

What happens if you have not whitelisted the IP address range

If you rely on IP whitelisting, the new IP addresses may be blocked on the side of your data sources unless you explicitly whitelist them. As a result, no new data will be fetched from your data sources and loaded to your GoodData projects.

Need help?

If you have questions, contact GoodData Support.